By integrating SULTECH products into an energy management system, industries can achieve significant benefits. This includes reducing operating costs, increasing energy efficiency, preventing electrical equipment failures, and complying with environmental and safety regulations. Furthermore, real-time data collection allows proactive decision-making, contributing to sustainability and competitiveness in the industrial scenario.


From fields to barns, greenhouses to processing operations, every step in agribusiness demands energy. Sultech products provide rural producers with a clear view of energy performance, allowing them to make more informed decisions, improve energy efficiency and reduce operational costs, thus contributing to sustainable and economically viable management of rural properties.

shopping and commerce

The ST9250R plays a crucial role in shopping malls, ensuring the efficient management and proper maintenance of the complex electrical systems that power these dynamic commercial spaces.

These advanced devices offer a comprehensive solution for measuring and monitoring various electrical quantities, playing a vital role in energy efficiency and preventing electrical problems.


Sultech’s products are solutions for energy efficiency in the civil construction segment, which can bring several advantages to construction projects. Some of these advantages are:

Optimize energy consumption and avoid fines for exceeding contracted demand, using demand controllers;

Improve energy quality and reduce losses, correcting the imbalance between active power and reactive power, using power factor controllers;

Integrate different equipment and communication systems, using protocol converters;

Reduction in construction time with the use of precast, increased quality, reducing rework, installation of options such as furniture, flooring and finishes are some of the differences presented, using moisture meters.

These are some examples of how Sultech products can contribute to innovation in civil construction, following the technological trends that are emerging in the sector. Investing in Sultech solutions means investing in energy quality, efficiency and peace of mind for your company.

photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system is one that converts sunlight into electrical energy, being a renewable, clean and economical source of energy. However, for the photovoltaic system to be more efficient, it is necessary to monitor and control some variables, such as load power, generation power, import of reactive energy and power factor correction. Sultech equipment does this work automatically, preventing energy wastage.

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