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Wood Moisture Meter – ST7500

Moisture meter for wood up to 50mm depth and 50mm radius. Portable, covers more than 200 types of wood. Measures moisture of all types of wood without damaging the surface: it is only necessary to touch the wood so that the humidity is instantly indicated on the digital display. It has 5 measuring points with memory for up to 150 measurements each.

Use: It is an easy to handle equipment, allowing inspection of large surfaces very quickly. It serves to accompany the drying of the wood and to determine the humidity for finishing application.

More info:
Dimensions: 155 x 94 x 43 mm
Weight: 500g
Power: 9vcc battery

Other Info:
– LCD display with backlight / backlight. Software for reporting in Windows environment;
– Based on the ASTM-D4444 letter B, they measure the humidity of the piece of wood or cellulose derivatives, through the generation of high frequency electric field, which allow the instantaneous visualization of the value read even on layers of ink or varnish.