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Power Factor Controller – ST8300C / IU

ST8300C / IU
Three-phase power factor controller with 16 outputs and multiple measurement: consumption, voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, reactive power and power factor.

Use: Automatic control of capacitor banks. With option for direct connection to the Electronic Power Register of the Concessionaire.

More Info:

Other Info:
– Harmonic content – total and of the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th harmonics of current and voltage;
– Memory for 35 days;
– LCD screen;
– Accompanied by supervisor software for programming and visualization of measured quantities;
– Programming of banks by multi-table or bank to bank, via panel or software;
– RS-232 serial communication

Technical Data:
Function – Control + Action.
Precision – V-I-0,5 FP-P-1
Parameter – Power Factor
Power supply – 80 to 270 VAC
LCD screen
Type – Three Phase
Mode – PP, PN
Voltage – 80 to 600 VAC
Type – Solid state
Optocoupler cable for connection to the Electronic Power Register.