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Power Factor Controller – ST8000C

ST8000C / TR
Description: Single-phase pre-programmed power factor controller, with four outputs, and DIN rail mounting. Without memory and display – informs the inductive or capacitive situation through an bicolor led.

Use: Control of reactives in electrical installations. Suitable for small installations, for new plants or those that go through automation process. Apt for installations with one or four banks and cosF value between 0,95 inductive and 0,95 capacitive.

More Details:

Other Information:
– Measures the voltage and current of the load obtaining values (TRUE RMS);
– Capacitive loads are activated when necessary, providing efficient correction;
– It reports through bicolor LED the inductive or capacitive situation of the installation.

Technical Data:
Function – Control and Drive
Accuracy – V-I-0,5 FP-P-1
Parameter – Power Factor
Display – Bicolor Led
Type – Single-phase
Mode – PP
Max. Current – Secundário 5 A
Tension – 80 a 600 VAC
Type – Solid state
Current – 5 A